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Personalised nutrition for
everyday life


with Karen Maude 

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I know this sounds like an exaggeration, but Karen made what felt like a miraculous change to my health. I went to her with 2 related health issues which I'd got used to over several years.

Her recommendations on my diet and suggestions about supplements had a really dramatic impact, to the extent that in 2 months both issues had disappeared. I wish I had gone to Karen much earlier and would highly recommend her to anyone who would like to improve their health and life through nutrition.

Jaana, London

I've been struggling for years with awful symptoms - the effects of having 2 autoimmune conditions and felt like I'd never feel well in myself.
I started seeing Karen 2 years ago and I feel like I have got the old me back. Extreme fatigue and joint pain were the 2 symptoms I struggled to manage the most. Karen advised me on nutrition and supplements to help with this. Just following her guidance I have gained more energy and now know which foods make my symptoms worse.
Thank you Karen for helping me manage my health conditions. I would definitely recommend getting in touch if you have any autoimmune conditions like myself.

Lucy, Ipswich

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Meet Karen

Dip NT mBANT ANP CNHC BA (Hons) Psychology

Hello, I’m Karen Maude a registered nutritional therapist based in Colchester, offering personalised online nutrition programmes -  worldwide.


I have a special interest in women's health and teenage nutrition and whilst I apply the latest in nutrition science, I also take a holistic view and compassionate approach.

Regardless of your age, my goals remain the same - to optimise your wellbeing through nutrition and lifestyle changes tailored to fit your life stage, individual health needs and circumstances. This means that I take into consideration all the factors in your life that can affect your nutrition: sleep, stress, work, family, exercise, health, budget etc.


I also combine this with a realistic approach... life is busy and we are all juggling a multitude of plates, with limited reserves of energy.  

You can choose whether we  meet online in my virtual clinic or in person  at The Manor Health & Wellness Centre and The Mersea Road Clinic

We'll work closely together to produce an achievable plan that you can incorporate into your everyday life, maximising foods that not only make you feel good, but that you'll also enjoy.


I'll also support you as you move forward with implementing change, as you start to thrive and feel reenergised.


As a mum of three, good nutrition has always been a key part of my tool kit for helping my family.  I hope to show you how easy it is to combine a busy life with eating healthy food, that tastes good too.  

Meet Karen
Why Nutritional therapy


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"Nutritional therapy involves carefully chosen diet and lifestyle recommendations to meet your specific needs"  


Nutritional Therapy is the application of nutrition science in the promotion of health.  Nutritional therapy can benefit you if you wish to find a healthier way of living and can help you reach your potential at each stage of life from pregnancy to aging and can support symptoms of chronic disease.


It's crucial that you take care of yourself and good nutrition has a key part to play in maintaining and ensuring your health for the future.  In fact, food is at the heart of the lifestyle medicine movement being advocated by the NHS and practiced by a new generation of British GP's, including the best selling author Dr Rangan Chatterjee.  


To ensure you achieve the optimal diet for your stage of life it is advisable to meet with a nutritional therapist every few years.    Think of your consultation as an MOT, a necessity, not a luxury. 


Nutritional Therapists like myself can help with preventative measures to protect your health e.g. weight management and we also seek to identify nutritional imbalances to understand how these may contribute to health issues and can help with a wide varieties of symptoms  which may relate for example to:


Allergies and intolerances



Bone health

Cardiovascular health

Chronic fatigue


Diabetes and pre-diabetes

Digestive health


Hormonal health

Immune health


Low mood

Prostrate health

Respiratory function

Skin health

Stress management

Urinary health

Weight management

This  list is by no means complete. 

It just provides a snapshot of some of  the issues I can help you with.  Please feel free to contact me to check if I can help you. 



Balanced you nutrition

Phone: 07842150751




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