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Helping women and teens optimise their health and wellbeing through balanced & expert nutritional support.

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I know this sounds like an exaggeration, but Karen made what felt like a miraculous change to my health. I went to her with 2 related health issues which I'd got used to over several years.

Her recommendations on my diet and suggestions about supplements had a really dramatic impact, to the extent that in 2 months both issues had disappeared. I wish I had gone to Karen much earlier and would highly recommend her to anyone who would like to improve their health and life through nutrition.

Jaana, London

Meet Karen
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Meet Karen

Dip NT mBANT ANP CNHC BA (Hons) Psychology

Hello, I’m Karen Maude a registered nutritionist and nutrigenomics practitioner based in Colchester, offering personalised consultations, online and face to face.


I have a special interest in women's and teenage nutrition and work with individuals and families looking to enhance their health and prevent or support health concerns.


Alongside this, I offer DNA testing through Lifecode GX and nutrigenomics consultations to interpret DNA markers and recommend nutrition and lifestyle interventions to truly personalise your nutrition and optimise your health. 

As a mum of three, I go about this with a realistic and balanced approach... life is busy and we are all juggling a multitude of balls, with limited reserves of energy.  


So this means that I take into consideration all the factors in your life that can affect your nutrition: sleep, stress, work, family, exercise, health, budget etc to produce an achievable plan that you can incorporate into your everyday life, maximising foods that not only make you feel good, but that you'll also enjoy.

You can choose whether we  meet online in my virtual clinic or in person  at The Manor Health & Wellness Centre in Colchester.

Good nutrition has always been a key part of my tool kit for helping my family.  I hope to show you how easy it is to combine a busy life with eating healthy, affordable food, that tastes good too.  




Whatever your goals, we'll work together to set  you up with a balanced personalised plan that you can adapt to everyday life Includes an initial & follow up consultation and email support.



 A personalised programme consisting of one initial consultation & two follow up sessions to provides continuity of care and structured support over a 3-4 month period.


functional testing 


 Invest in testing to gather the information required to address complex health issues using DNA, blood, urine & stool samples.  Consisting of an initial & follow up consultation.  Tests include the Dutch Test, Genova GI Effects, Lifecode Gx & Invivo reports.

 Enquire directly 

Follow up consultation

After completing a package, you may wish to add on another session.  We'll monitor your progress, symptoms and test results and adjust your plan accordingly.



  starting price

Why Nutritional therapy


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"When life is busy and you have health concerns,

getting expert & focused support from a nutritional  practitioner,

avoids the confusion around food, saves time

& gets you back on track for the long term."  

Personalised nutrition can benefit you if you wish to find a healthier way of living and can help you to reach your potential at each stage of life  - to optimise your health and prevent and support illness.  

Perhaps you are feeling low on energy, struggling with digestive symptoms, weight and poor sleep?  

If you answered yes to any of these questions then I can help by working with you to identify and treat the root cause of your health concerns and many other areas too including achy joints, permimenopause, PMS, PCOS, autoimmunity and repeated infections.


As we are all completely unique, each one of us has our own nutrient requirements and whilst we might think we have a healthy diet, it may not be the right match.  For instance, depending upon your health and situation you may:

  • Have a higher need for key nutrients

  • Require an alternative form of a nutrient

  • Need to avoid some supplements due to contraindications

  • Use up some nutrients more rapidly

  • Need to avoid certain foods that are held to be healthy


Avoid the confusion around food choices and let a professional guide and help you meet your goals.  


Balanced You Nutrition

Phone: 07842150751




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