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Get your kefir kick

Wondering what’s in the carafe?…well it’s not Diet Coke😉.

I prepared water kefir, an amazing probiotic drink, a couple of days ago and left it to ferment until this afternoon when I finally got to taste it and I wasn’t disappointed. 🙌 As well as being filled to the brim with beneficial bacteria (more than 30 strains) it’s also deliciously delicate, fizzy and very cheap to make and will save you spending money on buying supermarket kefir or probiotics. It tastes similar to kombucha and not being a big fan of milk, for me it’s a great alternative to dairy kefir. Here’s the recipe: Ingredients 3 tbsp coconut sugar or unrefined caster sugar 1 litre filtered or mineral water 2 tbsp kefir grains 2 tbsp dried figs ½ organic lemon 1 large slice of ginger

Method ▶Sterilise a 1.5 litre jar ▶Add the water and sugar to the jar and stir until the sugar dissolves ▶Add the kefir grains, ginger, lemon and figs ▶Cover with a double layer of muslin or a clean tea towel ▶Leave in a cool dark place (not the fridge) to ferment for 24-72 hours ▶Strain the liquid through a plastic sieve into sterilised jars or bottles (I use mason jars) and chill until ready to drink ▶Discard the fruit and ginger left in the sieve, but retain the kefir grains in a sterilised jar covered by some water kefir for up to 2 weeks until you make your next batch. Your water kefir will last for 3 weeks in the fridge. Enjoy. 😊

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