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Sage Tea for Hot Flushes

There are a variety of natural ways you can balance menopausal symptoms

A cup of sage tea is an easy one to try

I popped into the garden first thing this morning to pick a few sprigs to make a cup. It’s an easy herb to keep in a pot or the ground (all plants in my garden have to be pretty hardy due to lack of attention).

Native to Mediterranean Europe, sage has a history of traditional use in supporting hot flushes and night sweats, which have to be up there as the most annoying of menopause issues.

Researchers so far have only found improvements in symptoms through the use of sage containing supplements, but there is anecdotal feedback to suggest sage teas can be helpful too.

Enjoy up to 3 cups a day.

To make a cup:

  • ️Add approx 1 tbsp sage leaves to a cup

  • ️ Pour in 1 cup of boiling water (preferably filtered)

  • ️ Leave to steep for a few minutes, before straining the leaves

  • Add a squeeze of lemon juice for a digestive wake up call in the morning

If sage tea isn’t for you, there are many other foods, herbs and therapies that can help and also a range of menopause supplements combining clever combinations of botanicals and nutrients tailored to support you.

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