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Women's Health

From pregnancy to menopause, nutritional therapy can help women to rebalance their health and hormones to enable them to feel at their best every day.  


A personalised approach is particularly important for establishing the key foods and supplements that will bring about effective change.  When working together, expert nutrition and lifestyle advice can help women to get their energy back, improve their digestion, tackle weight and take steps towards healthy aging


Specific health conditions such as hypothyroidism, PCOS, fibromyalgia and long covid can be addressed with a research based protocol and the needs of each life stage e.g. the perimenopause will be considered to ensure your unique health and nutrient needs are safely met.  



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Family Nutrition

As a mum of three, family nutrition is a key part of my tool kit for helping women prioritise their nutrition, whilst also considering their family's needs.


I can provide practical information such as shopping lists, time saving tips and recipes to help you incorporate food and lifestyle changes into your daily routine, in a realistic and practical way.

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Teenage Nutrition

Having happy and healthy children is the goal for every family, but as a mum myself, I'm fully aware that getting teenagers to eat well can be a challenge. 


I work with families to help their children feel at their best and grow up to be healthy adults.  On a one to one basis, I can help to tackle a range of teenage health and learning needs including: ADHD, acne, allergies, asthma, digestive problems such as constipation, eczema, low immunity, rhinitis and poor sleep.

Functional tests can be advised on as well as carefully chosen supplements and to help you get your child on board, the focus will be on delicious recipes that are quick to rustle up/

I offer online consultations or a face to face clinic to suit you and your  child's needs. 

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