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Registration Body

Full membership of:

BANT (British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine).

Registered with:

CNHC (Complementary and Healthcare Council).

Professional memberships


Dip Nutritional Therapist (degree level)

College of Naturopathic Medicine, UK


BA (Hons) Psychology

University of Sheffield


Recent CPD

  • Managing Reflux - Practice with Confidence (ongoing)

  • Dutch Test Essentials Course - Charlotte Hunter (ongoing)

  • Lifecode Gx - Metabolics Report Training

  • Lifecode Gx - Nutrigenomics Practitioner Programme 

  • Zest - Health Coaching for Nutritionists

  • Lucinda Miller - ION Big Nutrition for Children's Health

  • Healthpath pro - Understanding Blood Test Results

  • Practice with Confidence - Basic Pharmacology & Drug Nutrient Interactions

  • Practice with Confidence - Menopause Pharmacology 

  • Practice with Confidence - Supporting clients on PPI's

  • Jo Gamble - The Role of Histamine & Mast Cells

  • Pure Encapsulations - Menopause Masterclasses 1-3

  • Hifas da Terra Introducion to Mycotherapy 

More about me...

How did I get here?

I really love food and always have done even before I embarked on the path to becoming a nutritionist.  I even worked as a commis chef at one time on the beautiful island of Crete. 

My original plan was to train in nutrition, but I decided to start my studies with a degree in Psychology.  This provided a grounding in the study of human behaviour and now fundamentally supports my work.  I moved on to enjoy a career in marketing before nutrition


I studied at the College of Naturopathic Medicine on it’s degree level CNM Diploma in Nutritional Therapy.  The course set me up well for my career, providing a rigorous approach to research and 200 hours of clinical experience.


Life Experience

My three children have thrown a whole array of problems at me from eczema, hayfever, IBS, abdominal migraines, UTI's, to a rare genetic condition.   I have incorporated a naturopathic element of support with each of these conditions and  always relied on nutrition as part of my tool kit to support my family’s health.


Medical experience

As a mother of a child with complex medical needs, I am always grateful and in debt to the amazing individuals working in the NHS.   I deal with an array of health professionals on a daily basis and have experience of working first-hand with a wide range of symptoms and medications including controlled drugs. 

Balancing naturopathic nutrition with medicine

My experience of managing a range of chronic health conditions within the NHS framework in combination with my training and life experience have put me in the perfect position to balance and bring together naturopathic teachings on health to complement NHS guidance and treatment. 

More about me
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