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Consultation options

What to expect

One to one initial 



Family and friends


Review phone call





Investment: £95.
Time allocated: Introductory 15 minute phone call and 1 hr – 1hr 30 minutes consultation.
Includes: introductory phone call, case taking consultation and a personalised nutritional plan. 
Case taking covers:

Your goals and aspirations for the consultation

•Analysis of your current diet using your food diary

•Evaluation of your own and family’s medical history

•Checking medications, supplements, medical protocols (as appropriate)

•Health check: blood pressure test, tongue and nail analysis, waist measurement and weight (as appropriate)

•Analysis of body systems e.g. respiratory function and digestion system

•Lifestyle and physical activity evaluation 

•Discussion around potential recommendations 

•Time for questions.
Personalised nutritional recommendations cover:



•Testing (if required)

•Supplements (if required) including a 10% discount at The National Dispensary 


•Wellness and recipe books and websites.



Investment: £120 (£60 each person, maximum of two people)
Time allocated: 1 hr – 1hr 30 minute consultation
Includes: Introductory call, shared consultation covering analysis of individual food diaries, discussion around chosen theme, individual goals and action points, handouts and recipes to take away.


Choose from our choice of themes:  menopause, children’s nutrition, family nutrition, healthy eating, weight loss, boosting energy, skin health, optimal aging and PMS.


Great as a gift for family and friends.


Investment: £60.
Time allocated: 50 minutes
Includes: case taking, development and revision of the initial nutrition plan.

Ideally, we will meet at 4 weeks after the initial consultation to review your progress.  We’ll discuss your experience of implementing changes, refine  your goals if necessary and further develop your nutrition plan.
This session is essential when test results have been requested to allow analysis of new findings and for these to be implemented into your nutritional plan for.


Regular contact with a therapist has been found to help clients experience greater success and achieve health goals sooner, helping to transform short term changes into long-term behaviours.
Case taking covers:

•Analysis of your new food diary

•Consideration of new symptoms

•Review progress of the initial nutritional plan

•Checking medications, supplements, medical protocols are up to date

•Health check: blood  pressure test, tongue and nail analysis, waist measurement and weight (as appropriate)

•Discussion around potential recommendations 

•Time for questions.
Your revised nutritional plan will be developed to include updated:

Dietary recommendations

•Lifestyle recommendations

•Testing recommendations (if required)

•Supplement protocol (if required) including a 10% discount at The National Dispensary

•Recipe selection.


3 Visits

Includes one initial and two follow-up consultations and 1 review phone call

£ 215 (£25 saving)


5 Visits

Includes one initial, four follow-up consultations and and 1 review phone call

£325 (£35 saving)

All packages include 10% off recommended supplements from The National Dispensary .

For clients requiring longer term support on a regular basis, a package of sessions offers continuity and is cheaper than booking sessions individually. You can select this option before or at your initial consultation and the timings of the sessions can be discussed together to meet your needs.


Investment: £25.
Time allocated: 30 minutes.
I’m happy to answer short emails and calls to support you between consultations.  These quick communications cover short questions and won’t be charged for.  Anything more involved or time consuming would be covered by a review phone call which can be organised by emailing me.   


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