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Cleaning products and children's health

I’m not big into cleaning so it’s funny that Im writing about cleaning products right now...

As I unpacked my delivery from @natural_collection today. I thought back to when I made the swap to eco friendly laundry and cleaning products. 🧼 🧹 🧼

My middle son was 12 weeks old and after a hospital admission for bronchiolitis, it became apparent he had developed rhinitis and eczema....most likely as a result of the antibiotics given to protect his chest.

In an effort to tackle the copious amount of bogies he was producing, I did my research and soon became aware of air pollution in the home and how certain chemicals can cause allergies, respiratory symptoms and skin conditions like eczema.

I also read about the hygiene hypothesis and realised my children needed more dirt in their lives.

I recognised living in a heavily sanitised home (not that mine was!!) wasn’t conducive to the development of their immune systems so I introduced some changes.

Firstly, I put the anti-bacterial spray which I’d introduced into the kitchen as a new mum worried about my precious newborn, to the back of the cupboard and dramatically reduced the amount of cleaning products I used.

I also swapped over to using @ecover_uk products and later as the market expanded, I also introduced @thebiodcompamy products which are approved by @allergy_uk

I never used air-freshener either, but now the boys are teenagers I have the problem of dealing with their over use of lynx body spray.....

My own experiences feed into my holistic children’s consultations. I know to look at the whole picture, including the home environment, not just at the child’s diet, so as to be sure not to miss anything.

DM me to arrange a free 15 minute consultation to learn more about my approach. ⭐️⭐️ ⭐️

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