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Colourful Quinoa

This colourful salad makes use of quinoa, one of my top store cupboard ingredients.

Quinoa is a pseudo grain which means it’s actually a seed. If your children like cous cous like mine do, then they’ll probably love quinoa. On its own it has a bland slightly nutty taste, but you can easily pimp it up with some colourful additions.

Quinoa is a good source of protein containing twice the amount rice does, which means it will keep you fuller for longer and help with blood sugar management. It’s also easy to digest and a good source of the minerals magnesium, calcium and manganese.

To turn your quinoa into a salad add a variety of chopped vegetables and even fruits such as pomegranate seeds. Here’s our lunch recipe for today:

Recipe 150g quinoa (dry weight) 1/4 cucumber chopped Large garlic clove chopped 1/2 red pepper chopped 3 spring onions chopped 2 cabbage leaves chopped finely Handful fresh oregano chopped 1 tomato chopped 1tbsp virgin olive oil 2tbsp apple cider vinegar 1/2 tsp turmeric 1/2 kallo stock cube (I used French onion,but any type will do)

Method 🍅 Cook the quinoa, adding half of the stock cube and turmeric into the water 🍅 Allow the quinoa to cool 🍅 Chop the vegetables, garlic and herbs 🍅 Mix with the oil and apple cider vinegar 🍅 Stir in the quinoa

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