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Exam Time Brain Food Hacks

Brain with lightening strikes
Brain food hacks for exams

It’s an intense time for all (including parents ) & your body, just like a car, needs topping up with the best fuel. ️ So stay focused, boost your memory & keep the calm with these brain food hacks for exam success.️

Your brain loves glucose, it’s your neuron’s key fuel. Keep complex carbs in good supply with oats, wholemeal bread, rice & pasta, plus beans.

B vitamins - Your body will power through B vits during exams. Top up for energy, focus, memory & mood with lean meat, whole grains, eggs, fish & green veg.

Omega 3 - speed up brain communication & support mood with healthy fats. Go for oily fish like mackerel & wild salmon, chia seeds & walnuts.

Magnesium - Chill and keep focused with Epsom salt baths & calming magnesium foods. Think green leafy veg, avocados, nuts & seeds, whole grains, legumes.

Sugary foods spike blood glucose & are followed up by a crash negatively impacting on brain performance, energy levels, concentration & mood - best to moderate these.

Protein - Serve it up at every meal for stable blood sugars & top neurotransmitter production. Go for fish, eggs, meat, tofu & legumes.

Eggs - Great for breakfast, providing protein to power through the morning exams, plus choline to ace memory performance.

Vitamin D - low levels are linked to anxiety, low immunity & mood. Get plenty of time outside in the sunshine & supplement.

Water - hydration is a basic, keep your brain and body watered across the day for heightened concentration, alertness and performance.

Snacks - revision & snacking go hand in hand. Stock up on readily available healthy choices e.g fruit, cheese, yogurts, avocado and eggs.

Last but not least…

Your mitochondria power your cells (including neurons). Nutrient rich food, sleep, aerobic exercise + cold water make them happy, so throw in a cold shower and a run️!!

Good luck!!!


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