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Look After Yourself Too

🌸 When life is busy 🌸, we all need a little reminder to look after ourselves and not just the family members and whoever else we might be caring for.

Looking after yourself includes eating good food at the right times.

There’s no need to worry about whether you have the latest superfoods in the fridge or the right equipment. Preparing tasty nutritious food is simple to do.

To mark the end of #carersweek here’s a few practical, time saving nutrition tips to help you keep well with food:

⭐️ Get three meals a day and don’t skip breakfast. Believe me, your hormones will thank you. 🍳

⭐️ Make sure you get protein and vegetables on your plate at lunch and dinner - when we are busy or stressed - we are prone to blood sugar ups and downs which can exacerbate stress. Protein and fibre will help to maintain stability and prevent dips in energy. 🥑

⭐️ Eat early in the evening to allow your digestive system to rest overnight, giving your body time to heal and regenerate and the best quality sleep. 💤

⭐️Try not to eat when you are feeling stressed. If possible, take a few minutes to compose yourself before you tuck into your meal. This will allow your gut to recognise food is coming and to then make the digestive enzymes to break down your meal. Taking a few deep breaths before eating can help. Also ensure you sit down and chew your food well. 🧘‍♀️

⭐️ Make extra servings at dinner e.g., chicken kebabs and roasted vegetables and sweet potatoes, so you have a healthy lunch ready for the next day. 🥬

⭐️ When you find the chance, batch cook and freeze a selection of meals so that you can pull them out when there’s no time to cook. Curry’s, stews and casseroles work well. 🍛

⭐️ Remember to drink - not wine 🍷 ( or maybe just the one 🙂) - but water, across the day. Dehydration can add to feelings of anxiety and fatigue and it’s very easy to forget to drink when you are distracted. Aim for 2-2.5 litres/day and set alarms on your phone📱to remind yourself.

⭐️Find time to move, preferably outside. Take the opportunity for a walk and get out in the sunshine when you get the chance, to improve your digestion and feelings of wellbeing. 🏃‍♂️ ☀️

⭐️ If you are struggling to find time to prepare healthy meals, consider taking a multivitamin in the short term to fill in the nutrient gaps. 💫

⭐️ For busy long term situations, try and find a solution to fit your lifestyle e.g recipe boxes from @mindulchefuk & @hellofreshuk or combine pre prepared dishes from big supermarkets e.g., pre cut meditteranean vegetables, a bag of quinoa or brown rice heated up, plus precooked salmon make a fantastic meal. These options work well when cooking facilities are limited too. ⏱

What are your best time saving tips?

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