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Nettle and Camomile Tea - A natural antihistamine

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Nettle and camomile tea antihistamine
Nettle and camomile tea a natural histamine

This bright green nettle tea is a natural remedy you may like to try for the relief of hay fever symptoms.

I add camomile @teapigs renowned for its soothing and calming qualities and a squeezed lemon to the infusion too.

The lemon provides extra vitamin C to help lower histamine levels in the body and dramatically enhances the taste. In fact, nettle and lemon team up surprisingly well as a flavour combination.

Ingredients 5 big handfuls of nettles (hard to measure when they sting- just imagine the size!) 2 camomile tea bags @teapig 1 tbsp local honey 2 litres boiled water 1 squeezed lemon (add to your cup)

Method ⭐️Collect your nettles ⭐️Wash them in cold water to get rid of any bugs and dirt ⭐️Carefully put them in a Kilner jar @kilneruk (or any other jar with a lid), then add the water, honey and teabags ⭐️Close the lid and leave for an hour or more to infuse ⭐️Pour yourself a cup, add the juice of a squeezed lemon and enjoy.

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