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Puppy love and pet allergies

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Thousands of us have extended our families to include cute little puppies since the onset of Covid. Most people will be fortunate enough to not to react to their new furry friends, but for some a collection of new symptoms may appear, which could be part of an allergic reaction to their puppy.

It’s a heart breaking situation to be faced with and some are forced to give up their pets to regain their health. Symptoms can include an itchy throat, itchy eyes, asthma, eczema, nausea and excess stomach acid and can become overwhelming.

It’s possible that anti-histamines may go some way to relieve symptoms, but they can also cause side effects such as drowsiness and don’t always work.

If you find yourself in this situation or you’d prefer not to take medication, there are a number of options you can consider which include:

1) An anti-allergen cleanser such as the Petal Cleanse product endorsed by Allergy UK. Use once a week and start early with a puppy to avoid the build-up of allergens in your household.

2) Ensure you eat a diet rich in fruit and vegetables to ensure you are in optimum health to support your immune system.

3) Increase your intake of vitamin C rich foods as this nutrient acts a natural antihistamine. Food rich sources include citrus fruits, peppers, broccoli and berries.

4) Consult with a nutritional therapist e.g. Balanced You Nutrition to consider a low-histamine diet to manage your histamine levels.

5) Buy an anti-allergen air filter for your bedroom and downstairs area.

6) Consult with a homeopath or homeopathic pharmacy e.g. Helios Pharmacy which may recommend homeopathic remedies such a mixed dog hair or histamine to desensitize you to your puppy and reduce your reaction.

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