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Time to top up with vitamin D

An increasing number of studies are finding a link between respiratory health and vitamin D, including Covid-19 as described in todays article in the Times newspaper.

Government advice is to supplement during the autumn and winter so have you started topping up your vitamin D levels yet?

When looking for a supplement there are a number of considerations to make:

· Government advice is to supplement 10 mcg (400iu) daily, but this may not be adequate for everybody, so consider testing your levels and consulting with a nutritional therapist to optimise your dose.

· Opt for D3 rather than the D2 form as it is better absorbed by the body and more effective at raising your levels.

· If you don’t like taking capsules and tablets go for a sublingual form like the Better You sprays, which are also a better option for you if you have digestive issues so as to ensure optimal absorption.

· D3 is mostly animal derived from the lanolin in sheep’s wool, but it can be extracted from lichen too as found in Viridian’s vegan and kosher D3.

What have you got to lose?

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