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Freshers Week - Student Nutrition Tips

Thousands of young people across the country will be heading off to university over the next week or so, ready to start their studies. For many it will be their first time living away from home, with non-catered students taking on their own shopping and cooking too.

Here are some tips to help you keep healthy and strong at university.

To read the full article including recommendations for supplements head to The Nutritionist Resource at:


Don’t be tempted to run out in the morning without breakfast, if you don’t have time to sit down and eat, grab some food and bring it with you to eat quietly in the lecture theatre, to keep your neurons firing. Avoid sugary cereals which won’t keep you full for long and instead opt for cheap, healthy choices such as eggs and porridge.


To keep your brain functioning throughout the day, keep hydrated and drink 2 litres of water at regular intervals across the day. Fill up a water bottle when you leave your accommodation in the morning and top up at water fountains across campus.


Aim to eat vegetables with lunch and dinner, they can be fresh or frozen, but don’t opt for canned versions as they have a low nutrient value. Vegetables will provide a variety of nutrients to nourish your body, plus fibre to help you avoid getting constipated and to keep your gut happy.


Eat a portion of protein at each meal to provide an array of essential amino acids, which will boost neurotransmitter production, to enhance your learning and memory.


Pack up a container of nuts and seeds ready for those times in the day when we all typically dip in energy and need to top up our blood sugar levels.

These tips should help to give you a great start at university and hopefully fend off freshers’ flu. Good luck!

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