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Budget Friendly Soup For a Chilly Day

Here’s a lovely, warming soup you can quickly rustle up for lunch. Packed with flavour, there are onions, tomatoes, red peppers and garlic, plus protein loaded cannelloni beans to leave you feeling full up. With food prices rising and wages falling, this is an incredibly cheap and nutritious meal and it's always good to have some nutritious, budget friendly recipes to hand.

Here's the recipe for you to enjoy and some nutrition focused budgeting tips to help your money go further:

Ingredients *150 ml passata *150 ml water *2 small white onions, roasted, (fry 2 raw, chopped onions as an alternative in virgin olive oil) *3 red peppers, roughly torn *3 cloves of garlic, whole *4 medium tomatoes *Small sprig of rosemary *1 tsp garlic granules *Sprinkle of salt and pepper

Method Add all ingredients to the pan Bring to the boil Cook on a medium heat for 20 minutes Blend to a smooth consistency using a hand blender Ta da! It’s ready.

Budgeting Tips I buy a vitamin C packed bag of bargain peppers from Asda at the beginning of the week and throw them into soups like this and also, salads, curries and casseroles. I made extra food at dinner last night and kept roasted onions for today, which gave the soup a lovely sweet touch. I put the remainder of the leftovers in the freezer for another night, to save me cooking. Cannellini beans are so cheap, (60p a tin at Tesco) as are most beans and pulses and they make a wonderful alternative to meat. I keep them as a store cupboard staple and also top up protein levels in meat-based dishes, by adding these beans, to reduce the cost of the meal. #lunch #soup #budgetfood #budgetmeals #storecupboardcooking #soupseason #soupoftheday #nutrientdensefood #protein #quicklunchideas #mealplanning #nutritious #nutritionaltherapy

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