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Exam Tips!

During exam season, with all the added stress and late nights of revision, it’s not surprising that many children will start to feel tired, low in energy and a bit fed up at some point.

In terms of food and nutrition, there is plenty that can be done to boost energy and support your teen’s health during this period.

Breakfast is a good place to start as it’s often the meal, where many children eat a tonne of simple carbohydrates and sugar e.g. croissants, white toast and cereal.

With a few tweaks e.g. the addition of eggs, complex grains such as porridge and a piece of fruit, breakfast can be turned around into a nutrient packed and sustaining meal.

What to add in:


Eggs and Greek yoghurt help to keep blood sugars stable, reducing dips in energy to maintain focus during lessons and exams, whilst also providing the essential amino acids needed to make vital neurotransmitters such as acetylcholine, vital for learning.


Swap cereal for oats and white toast for brown for extra fibre and to sustain the release of energy across the morning. You’ll also help to feed the helpful bacteria in your gut, where 95% of the feel good neurotransmitter serotonin is made, that stabilises mood.


Add banana to your toast, berries to your porridge or grab a few grapes to add colour to your plate and to top up on micronutrients such as vitamin C, for clear skin and to fend off viruses.


Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated. Take a drink of water soon after you wake up and fill up a water bottle to remind yourself to top up across the day, to help your brain power through exams.

Good luck with the exams!

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