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Hospital Food

Breakfast for me at @greatormondst hospital after a sleep study for one of my children - not that much sleep was had by either of us 🤪

As a seasoned hospital parent, I come well prepared in terms of food, for these admissions, as I know I lose control of events once I go through any set of hospital doors.

I never know when I’ll get the opportunity to eat or what will be available when I do get a chance to escape the ward and I just can’t face the likes of pre packed burgers 🍔 from a vending machine for breakfast.

In my hospital bag, I always pack a few essentials that don’t need refrigerating:

⭐️Granola, today I have @bioandme

⭐️ Herbal teas especially chamomile for stressful times and green tea for mornings after a night of little sleep 😴

⭐️ Nuts and fruit for snacking on

⭐️ An avocado 🥑 in case I’m starving and can’t get to the canteen and need to keep my blood sugars up

⭐️ Oat cakes @nairnsofficial which I team up with

⭐️Almond butter @meridianfoods

⭐️ A multivitamin and magnesium supplement @pureencapsulations to fill in the gaps. I find my magnesium levels drop quickly in hospital leading to eye twitches so magnesium is a must for me.

I top up with fresh food when I can grab the chance to get to the shop or canteen.

Now it’s time to get ready for ward round. I’m hoping the green tea will soon kick in😴😴😴

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