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Perfect Polenta

I don’t know about you, but on a rainy day like today, I’m in the mood for comfort food and polenta seemed like the perfect choice to base dinner around this evening.  Polenta is a delicious and cheap ingredient that only takes 10 minutes to prepare.  It’s made of cornmeal and as a complex carbohydrate will help to keep blood sugars stable.  It a source of fibre and protein and also boosts the diversity of plant foods I’ve eaten today to help my good gut bacteria. Although it contains beta carotene and iron, it’s not a top source of vitamins and minerals, so I’ve teamed it up with wilted spinach and garlic for magnesium and folate, roasted flat mushrooms for vitamin D and B6, onions for vitamin C and a rich vegetable gravy. Yum! The children liked it too…albeit with a couple of adjustments…the mushrooms were removed and a couple of organic sausages were added to the side. #polenta #comfortfood #rainyday #colchester #feedingchildren #feeding teenagers #nutrition #nutritionist

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