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Supporting Your Gut Health at Breakfast

Start of your day with a breakfast that will support your gut health and give you the energy you need to keep you going all morning.

This morning I topped up a bowl of delicious Eat Natural granola (packed full of seeds and oats) with almond yogurt, blueberries and banana .

Many of us stick to the same breakfast every day, but for good gut health, it’s beneficial to mix things up a bit and diversify your selection.

Increasing the range of plant foods you eat supports your gut microbiome i.e the community of microbes that reside in your gut, to support your overall health. The magic number you should hit each week being 30 (according to Professor Tim Spector and The British and American Gut Projects).

Plant based breakfast options you might want to try include:

️Porridge with seeds and fruit

️Avocado, tomato and sourdough bread

️Vegetable and fruit smoothie containing protein

️Overnight oats

️Chia pudding

What’s your favourite breakfast?

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