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Children's traffic light pasta

orzo pasta with cherry tomatoes sweetcorn and mangetout
Traffic light orzo pasta with cherry tomatoes and mangetout

Appealing to both small and big children, this colourful dish which used to be known as traffic light pasta in our house (before the boys became too cool for school) is made with orzo a type of pasta similar to rice in shape and texture.

I’ve mixed it up with juicy cherry tomatoes, mangetout and sweetcorn plus a glug of virgin olive oil and will serve it alongside smoked paprika chicken breasts as the choice of protein this evening.

It works just as well at lunch together with boiled eggs or tuna and leftovers can be kept in the fridge for a couple of days for another meal.



250g orzo pasta

15 cherry tomatoes cut into quarters

30 mangetout sliced at a diagonal

1 200g tin of sweetcorn

Glug of virgin olive oil


Simmer the orzo in a saucepan (I use 1 cup or orzo to 2 cups of liquid) until it is al dente

Prepare the mangetout and cherry tomatoes and add to your serving bowl

Open the tin of sweetcorn, drain off the water and add to your serving bowl

Add the virgin olive oil

When cooked place the orzo into the colander and run cold water over it to cool it down and then drain and shake off the water.

Add the orzo to the serving bowl with the other ingredients and mix.

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