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Winter Wellness

❄️Fighting Winter Bugs ❄️

The temperature’s taken a dip and its that time of year when everyone you know is coming down with a cold or virus.  There’s even been a new form of swine flu detected in a human, in the UK.🤧

We all succumb to the odd cold and infection, but some of us seem to be more prone than others and sometimes take longer to recover too.

Plus there are individuals amongst us who are more vulnerable because of age or a health condition.

Top tips to fend off the winter bugs.  Some of these might seem a little obvious… such as getting a good night’s sleep, but we all need the occasional reminder👉


Super Foods & Drinks For Winter

Fresh ginger, honey and lemon tea

Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables

A variety of herbs such as garlic, oregano and turmeric in your cooking.


Helpful Supplements

Vitamin D

Elderberry Syrup

Vitamin C


Beta Glucans

Medicinal mushrooms


Lifestyle Measures

Good quality sleep

Getting out into nature

Relaxation time

⭐️For a more personalised approach.

DM me to find out about booking an Immune focused consultation. 


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