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Nutrigenomic testing offers this opportunity by enabling us to look in detail at our DNA, to discover our own unique personal health ‘blueprint’. 🌟


It opens the doors to personalised nutrition, allowing us to identify the ‘SNPs’ aka the variations in our genes, which in combination, can affect our body.

These have the potential to impact our health & wellbeing from hormone & neurotransmitter balance to, gut & cardiovascular health.

With this knowledge, we can introduce evidence based nutrition & lifestyle interventions ☀️ 🍅 🥬 🛌

and if you like,  ‘hack our genes’

to make changes that align with our genetics to address current health issues & to protect our future health.


So how can you access professional DNA & Nutrigenomics testing? ➡️


Work with a nutrigenomics practitioner, such as Karen Maude, also a registered Nutritional Therapist.

🌟 Email for more information and to book. 🧬


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