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Balancing Blood Glucose

Unless you are prediabetic or have a diagnosis of diabetes, you might not have given your blood sugar levels much thought before…

️Should you care about your blood glucose? Ideally your blood sugars should be balanced without massive spikes and troughs & there are plenty of very good reasons to strive for stability:

Weight - is easier to manage

Food cravings - are less likely to occur

Skin - is clearer & ageing reduced

Energy levels - are higher

Mood - less likely to fluctuate

What can you do to keep the balance?

1. Manage stress levels

2. Eat foods high in soluble fibre e.g beans, pulses, oats, broccoli and swede

3. Eat protein at each meal

4. Regular exercise

5. Swap to olive oil as your main fat

6. Eat a range of brightly coloured fruit and vegetables e.g blueberries

7. Ensure you get sufficient, good quality sleep

What else?

There are supplements such as chromium that nutritional therapists like myself might carefully select to support diet and lifestyle changes.

Continuous glucose monitoring devices such as the Libre 2 which feeds blood sugar levels to your phone & can be particularly helpful in providing data on how you specifically react to individual foods, combinations of food and patterns of eating.

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