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Histamine Intolerance and Hayfever

🤧 Blocked nose, itchy eyes, headaches …


All of these are classic symptoms of hayfever and also Histamine Intolerance (HIT), which occurs when there is an overload of histamine.


Identifying Histamine Intolerance (HIT) is tricky due to the array of seemingly disconnected symptoms, reflecting the fact that there are histamine receptors all over the body. 


There are some classic signs to look out for though, which include reactions to the holy trinity of wine, cheese and chocolate! 😭


The Histamine Bucket 🪣

When the breakdown of histamine is compromised, histamine can build up until levels in the body are in excess of the amount that can be disposed of.  This imbalance leads to histamine spilling over, causing reactions such as:




Facial flushing (especially after drinking alcohol)

Headaches and migraines

Heart palpitations

Digestive symptoms e.g. nausea &acid reflux


Skin rashes



Low Histamine Diet 🥬

Managing the intake of high histamine foods and histamine liberators, together with careful food preparation, can reduce incoming histamine levels, but the low histamine diet is tricky to stick to long term and can lead to nutrient deficiencies, with protein intake being a particular challenge.



Genetic variances known as (SNPS) can affect the production of the DAO enzyme, which is primarily responsible for histamine breakdown and also the HMNT enzyme too.  In the background, methylation and hormone SNP’s can all play a part in histamine intolerance too.


Get your histamine genes tested 🧬

The @lifecodegx Histamine Intolerance Report is a real game changer. It provides detailed information on nutrient, food, lifestyle and supplement interventions, which can be readily incorporated into a personalised health plan, to take away the guesswork and tackle histamine symptoms quickly.

👉Check out the DNA Test Package link in the bio & DM me if you’d like to get support with Histamine Intolerance.


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