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🌸 Mix & Match Your Tea🌿


Herbal teas are a super easy way to add healthy herbs into your diet, whilst keeping hydrated at the same time.  They are a little more exciting than drinking water too… which many of us forget to do.


You can swap your teas around to suit the time of day, your energy levels, hormone picture, health need and you can even use them to boost brain power. 


⭐️ Here’s a list of herbs you might like to choose for different times/needs:


Artichoke - liver health

Chamomile - stress

Cinnamon - blood sugar balance

Dandelion - gallbladder

Echinacea - immune system

Green tea - weight management

Ginger - acid reflux and constipation

Ginkgo - brain health

Lavender - sleep

Nettle - allergies & histamine problems

Peppermint - bloating

Rosehip - osteoarthritis

Spearmint - anti androgenic effects e.g. PCOS

Sage – perimenopause & menopause

Turmeric - arthritis and inflammation


⭐️ To get the full flavour and therapeutic effect of a herbal tea:


Choose a good quality brand such as

@aquasoluk @teapigs @pukka or @clipperteas - without the pesticides and plastic tea bags.


Wait a few minutes after boiling the kettle before you pour.


Cover your cup with a saucer after you’ve added the water to avoid loosing the essential oils contained in your tea through evaporation.


Allow your tea to steep for a few minutes to maximise the therapeutic benefits.


Put your teabag in the compost bin after you’ve enjoyed it. 😍


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