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Nature's multivitamin

Preparing nourishing food can be as simple as boiling an egg.

Complicated recipes aren’t a prerequisite nor are expensive ingredients. In fact the humble egg is nature’s version of a multivitamin and mineral. Don’t be put off by scare stories about high cholesterol, instead consider what you are serving eggs with. For example a traditional fry up is high in saturated fat.

See eggs as an easy nutritious win packed with an amazing array of nutrients including:

⭐️ All the essential amino acids to build protein for growth and maintenance

⭐️ Vitamin A for eye health and your immune system

⭐️ B2 as a co factor for energy production

⭐️ Selenium which is essential for thyroid function.

By cooking up eggs for a couple of breakfasts each week you’ll be gaining a portion of protein - something many people unwittingly miss out on in the morning. This protein will help to keep your blood sugars stable and prevent the mid-morning energy dip.

Have them boiled with rye bread or whole meal toast on the side, then throw some tomato and avocado on the plate for extra  nutrients.

Eating nourishing foods can be as simple as this.

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