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Top Tip for 2020 - don't diet

Be kind to yourself and don’t set yourself up to fail in 2020 by embarking on a diet. Aim for health this year not weight loss and start the new year with achievable goals.

Start by adding some of the good foods in, its’s really simple to do. Here are my 5 top tips to choose from:

1 Eat one extra vegetable a day - try and choose a different colour each time 2 Drink water with a squeeze of lemon at breakfast 3 Cook with virgin olive oil 4 Eat a whole grain food once a day e.g. brown rice or brown bread 5 Eat oily fish three times a week

Healthy eating really doesn’t have to be complicated nor expensive and by adding good foods in rather than taking less nutritious foods away, you’ll be helping yourself move towards feeling your best possible every day.

I’ll be working on easy wins with clients this January to improve health and well-being. Contact me for details. Good luck!!!

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