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On a busy morning, there aren’t many spare minutes for food prep…

and nutrition is likely to be the last thing on your mind, whilst you juggle last minute requests for clean socks, dinner money etc

Stock Up

Set aside time, instead, one evening, to write a good old fashioned shopping list, so you can head to the shops ready and prepared to stock up on easy win foods for breakfast. Here’s a few suggestions.

Greek yoghurt



Smoked salmon

Nuts (unsalted)

Seeds e.g chia

Clean protein powder e.g Nu Zest

Granola e.g Bio Me


Frozen berries

Almond butter

Toss the toast aside

Grab a few minutes for yourself one morning and put together a breakfast focused on protein not carbs, such as the tasty 3 minute Breakfast Pot in the picture, which includes fibre too.

Take it a step further and add some green leaves to the side e.g spinach/rocket for extra magnesium and blood sugar balancing magic.

Protein Wins

In exchange, you’ll benefit in the following ways:

Healthy weight support

Improved blood sugar balance

Feel fuller for longer

Reduced cravings

Less bloating

Here's the recipe:


300g Greek yoghurt

Handful of blueberries

2 tsp honey

2 tbsp of almond butter

5 tbsp of Bio Me granola


  • Add the yogurt to a small pot and mix in 1 tsp of honey and 8 blueberries

  • Add a layer of almond butter

  • Sprinkle with granola

  • Top with the remaining blueberries and honey


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