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🦋 Thyroid Troubles & the Perimenopause🦋

An array of symptoms can be triggered by a problematic thyroid. More commonly, issues result from the inadequate production of thyroid hormones (hypothyroidism), which negatively impacts metabolism and can lead to weight gain and low energy.

📋There are a myriad of other symptoms too, including brain fog, poor memory, insomnia, low mood, dry skin, hair loss, sensitivity to the cold, poor digestion and many more.

In fact, many of the health changes experienced in perimenopause mimic hypothyroidism symptoms. 💡

➡️ Therefore, it may well be that the changes you experience during the perimenopause are ‘down to your hormones’…

but you are missing a trick by not investigating your thyroid hormones as a possible culprit in this dance of hormones 💃

Nutrition is a key factor for thyroid health. Before and after private and NHS thyroid testing, nutritional advice can be tailored to optimise thyroid function by targeting crucial nutrients and ruling out key foods when autoimmunity is at play.

See my post tomorrow about key nutrients and foods for thyroid health. 🦋


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