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When life gives you lemons make lemonade

Hi I’m Karen and I’ll get to the lemons in a bit….I’m mum to two teenagers and a 10 year old, one of whom has challenged the medical profession since birth. I also happen to be a nutritional therapist and love experimenting with food to find new ways of using nutrition to help people feel at their best everyday.

I’ve been interested in nutrition since my school days. I’ve also worked as a commis chef and always loved cooking. Then my three children came along………….and they’ve thrown a whole array of health problems at me from eczema, hayfever, IBS, to a rare genetic condition. In an effort to avoid medication - where it’s been possible - I’ve come to rely on nutrition as a key part of my tool kit in keeping them well.

This is where the lemons come in. During a long hospital admission at GOSH for my daughter, I started to read more about nutrition and successfully corrected my own digestive problems, which had resulted from the awful lifestyle you endure as a parent in hospital.

I decided the medical experience I had gathered (living on a gastro ward for months gives you a better grasp of the digestive system than any gut health webinar!!!) could be put to good use and within a couple of weeks I had embarked on training to be a nutritional therapist at CNM (whilst living at GOSH at the same time).

3 years later and after hundreds of hours of clinical training, I’ve arrived and I’m relishing the opportunity to support others - using good food to make a real difference to health and wellbeing.

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