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Nutrigenomics and DNA Testing

I’m so excited to have passed the @lifecodegx Nutrigenomics Practitioner Programme.

Have you ever wondered how your genetic make up might be impacting uon your health?

I underwent a panel of Lifecode DNA tests myself, whilst delving into the intriguing world of nutrigenomics and uncovered a number of eye-opening genetic secrets about myself.

Here are just a few of the discoveries I’ve made:

  • With variances on the DAO gene I’ve upped my vitamins B2 & B6 intake and am now able to eat cheese again (truly lifechanging!!) which I’d previously limited due to issues with histamine degradation (a relatively common issue in the peri menopause).

  • I know to stay on top of worrying with a good intake of vitamin B6 and Valerian as a go to, as I clear B6 in a speedier way than normal, plus my Gaba receptors aren’t at top sensitivity. Gaba is a chemical messenger in the brain which is key to producing a calming effect on your nervous system.

  • A vegetarian diet might not be the right choice for my genetic make-up. As a poor converter of beta carotene (plant version of vitamin A) and with genetic variances in the methylation cycle I need a decent intake of B12 and retinal (vitamin A), both of which are derived from animal foods.

  • I need to work at promoting Progesterone through blood glucose management, stress management and increasing polyphenol rich foods such as berries and flaxseeds.

  • One of my DNA bonuses - I’m great at detoxifying alcohol (in moderation).

As a qualified Nutrigenomics practitioner and nutritional therapist, I can work with you to reveal your genetic variances, then interpret this information to optimise your health through specific food and lifestyle recommendations.

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