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Top nutrients for your thyroid

The goal is to provide your thyroid with the foods it needs to:

🦋 produce thyroid hormones

🦋 use them effectively

🦋 aid the conversion of T4 to T3.

Just so you know, T3 is your active thyroid hormone. 🙂

Here are some of the most important nutrients:

🥚 Protein - eat a portion at every meal to stabilise blood sugars, to ensure a good intake of the amino acid tyrosine and for overall thyroid hormone production.

🍫Magnesium - An essential mineral for thyroid function, which supports the production of TSH. Enjoy a few squares of good quality dark chocolate, green leafy vegetables and seeds.

🍄 Selenium - required to fight inflammation and aid with the conversion of T4 to T3. Good sources include Brazil nuts, eggs & mushrooms.

🐟 Iodine - Eat oily fish a couple of times a week and regularly enjoy seafood. If you have thyroid antibodies, avoid supplementing as iodine can drive thyroid autoimmunity.

🥩 Iron - Required for conversion and the utilisation of T3 in cells. Iron is found as heme iron in meat and fish e.g., and non heme iron in plant foods such as dark green leafy vegetables and pulses. Hypothyroidism can cause low levels of stomach acid affecting iron absorption, therefore testing is important.

🦪Zinc - low intake compromises conversion and T3 production. Get good levels through your diet, to reduce the risk of producing thyroid antibodies, by eating rich sources such as chicken, seafood and seeds.

☀️Vitamin D - crucial for your immune system, vitamin D helps to prevent and modulate thyroid autoimmune activity. Check your levels, enjoy the sunshine and supplement if required.

🍣 Vitamin A - a good intake supports thyroid hormone receptors to ensure thyroid hormones can do their job. Found in meat, eggs, dairy and also orange veg and fruit.

I hope this list is helpful. 🙂

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