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Ready for a September Reset?

Are you looking to learn more about nutrition and how it can help you feel at your best every day? From this month, I’ll be offering the following services: General Nutrition Information Service ️Half an hour to talk in person about food and nutrition with a qualified nutritional therapist. ️Learn about health promoting foods, eating patterns to improve energy and digestion, food preparation tips and how good nutrition can improve your health. ️Walk away inspired with meal suggestions, recipe ideas and practical tips. ️A great food based check in, no food diary required. Consultations ️Meet online or in person for an in depth analysis of your health and lifestyle over a two to three month period. ️Benefit from personalised nutrition, lifestyle and supplement advice in the form of an achievable nutrition plan, tailored to your unique needs. ️Choose this option to get back to feeling at your best every day. ️Consultations take place over 1- 1.5 hours. Email me for more info at or telephone: 07842150751. #colchesternutritionist #essexnutritionist #colchesternutrition #essexnutrition #womenshealth #menopause #menopausehealth #guthealth #nutritionaltherapist #nutritionist #nutritionaltherapy #healthyeating #wellbeing

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